Spray Foam Insulation

February 19, 2011
Spray Foam, Spray Insulation, Expanding Foam and Foam sealant are common terms for insulation, which is sprayed into place unlike traditional sheets or rolls of insulation, which must be cut and fixed into place.
Spray insulation foam is the ideal way to insulate your loft conversion without the need for costly insulation contractors.
Traditional insulation board and batts all require accurate cutting and edge sealing to prevent unwanted draughts.This is important in Ireland to keep with the new regulations in buildings.
Spray foam insulation also expands to seal gaps and uneven surfaces and insulates at the same time!
The sprayed foam sticks to most surfaces including metal, wood, bricks, concrete and tiles, making it easy and quick to apply.
Spray foam insualtion is very popular method of insualting in Irealnd and is cheaper and less time consuming.
Grants are also available to insulate  your home in Ireland.

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