Septic Tank Inspections Starting 2013

June 29, 2013

Anyone in Ireland with a Domestic Waste Water Treatment System  may be inspected by their local authority. (This includes septic tanks, packaged plants, tertiary treatment units and associated discharge or infiltration areas .)
Inspections will be concentrated in high risk areas.  i.e. more inspections will be done where risk to health and the environment is higher . Inspections are due to begin in the second half of 2013

• If you are selected for inspection, you will receive a letter from your local authority advising you of this and giving you at least ten working days’ notice.

Prepare for Inspection : Have your registration certificate available for inspection. • Know where your wastewater system is.

• Have the details of the contractor if you’ve had your system de-sludged recently.

• Have any paperwork available relating to installation, maintenance or improvement work carried out, where appropriate.

If the inspection shows that the treatment system is working properly, you will receive a copy of a report confirming compliance in the post. If the inspection finds problems, the inspector will tell you immediatelyand you will receive a copy of a report with an Advisory Notice within 21 days of the inspection which will: –

inform you that the DWWTS poses a risk to human health or the environment;

– inform you that your DWWTS contravenes regulations.

– inform you of the reasons for that opinion;.

– and direct you to remedy the matters specified in the

notice by a specified date.

• You may be required to seek expert technical advice in order to comply with the Advisory Notice. You may seek to have your DWWTS re-inspected for a fee of €20. This may result in The Advisory Notice being confirmed, amended or cancelled. • In certain circumstances, and for valid reasons, you may be granted a time extension by the local authority for completion of remedial works…

Some home owners may be eligible for a grant to assist with the cost of fixing any problems identified during the inspection.

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