Save Money with Low Energy LED GU10 Lightbulbs

July 18, 2012

Those nice looking halogen downlighters in your home could be costing you hundreds of euros a year in elecricity. You could reduce your electricity usage by replacing the halogen bulbs with low energy LED bulbs.

The most common fitting for those spotlight type recessed downlights are GU10 fittings. Most halogen Gu10 bulbs are 50 watt bulbs – so a house with 20 of these lights would be using 1000 watts when they are all switched on.

If you had all these lights on for just 5 hours every day they would add €270 a year to your  electricity bill each year according to the ESB.*

You can buy these replacement  LED GU10 bulbs and 20 of those in use for 5 hours a day would use  just €22 worth of electricity a year.  That is a massive saving of 90%. A house with 20 of these halogen Gu10 bulbs could cut their electricity bills by  €248 a year by switching to low energy 4  Watt LED bulbs.

That  is the equivalent (according to ESB) of using a vented tumble dryer 12 times every week (5kg load) all year.

The LED lightbulbs do cost   more than the halogen bulbs –  but in  less than a year you will start seeing a payback.
These LED bulbs last 10 to 15 times longer than ordinary halogen bulbs – so in the long term you will be even better off.
After 2016  Halogen bulbs will not be allowed at all under EU regulations.

You can buy these  LED GU10 bulbs onlinefrom Amazon with free delivery to Ireland – they fit straight into existing GU10 sockets and are exactly the same size. They are CE approved too.


* (Calculations as per the ESB online energy usage  calculator  based on  rates of 16.00c per Unit (including VAT) )

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