Irish Water Charges – Confirmed

September 30, 2014

The rates for the Water Charges have been agreed by the regulator  – just 1 day before charges begin.

Water charges kick in from 1st October 2014 (first bill Jan 2015) – and the majority of water meters are l still not installed .  Until homes are metered (and some never will be)  they will be billed for water without any measurement of what they use.

Even if you have a water meter your first 3 quarterly bills will be capped so they will not be higher than the “assessed” charge (see below for amounts). So all homes will be paying the assessed charges until the end of June 2015.

Eventually – by late 2016 – all but about 300,000 homes should have had water meters installed. The 300,000 homes without meters are mainly going to be apartments where it is difficult to meter each unit within a block.

Assessed Charges

Unmetered properties will get a bill based on an “assessed charge“. This assessed charge will be based on the number of adults in a household as declared on the water “application pack”

Water charges will be made up of two components – a charge for the water used and a charge for waste water treatment. Only homes connected to the mains sewer will be charged for waste water. Only homes connected to the public water mains will be charged for water usage.

The Assessed Water Charges (unmetered) for 2014/2015 will be based on the number of adults and are shown in the table below. (Figures confirmes Sept 30th)

No. of Adults in Household
Water Usage
Waste Water Charge
Combined Total Water Charge

Irish Water have sent out hundreds of thousands of forms out to all householders requesting information about thenumber pf people living in the house , the PPS number of the liable person and the PPS numbers children in the house. They will also be asking householders to confirm if they get their water via the public mains and if they are connected to the mains sewage system . (There is currently no accurate record of household water and waste water connections in Ireland) .
The assessed charges above are based on the inclusion of a free allowance of 30000l per annum.

If householders do not respond to these Irish Water letters – it is proposed to charge unmetered homes the full amount (water and waste water) for two adults without the free allowance – i.e. an annual charge of €424.

If the form is returned but no PPSN is supplied for the account holder – the unmetered charge will be increased by €146.40 because the free allowance will not be given.

Non responding households with a meter will be charged as per the metered usage rates – but they will not be given any free allowances for children or for the household.

Where water meters have been installed – houses will be charged for water and waste water based on the volume they use. It is proposed that for the first 9 months of a house going onto metered charges – the total water charge will be capped so that it will not be more than the assessed charge (see above) for an equivalent household (based on the number of adults).
The first ” proper” uncapped bills based on metered usage will not go out until July 2015.

Second Homes / Holiday Homes
It has been decided that properties identified as Non-principal private residences (such as holiday homes) will be billed a minimum charge by Irish Water of €125 a year. This amount is for homes connected to both mains water and mains sewage. The minimum charge will be halved to 62.50 a year if the home has it’s own waste water treatment.This minimum charge applies to metered and unmetered second homes.

Read more about metered water charges here


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