How to Pass the Septic Tank Inspection

May 9, 2012

Inspections of septic tanks and all other on site waste treatment systems will begin in 2013 in Ireland.  Registration of septic tanks and all other waste treatment systems began on June 26th .   More Details Here .

Owners of properties that are not connected to a public sewerage system will have to register their waste system  or septic tank before  Feb  2013. There is going to be a registration fee which will be €5 for the first 3 months. From September 28th  2012 onwards – anyone who registers will be charged €50.

Inspections are going to be targeted to areas of poor water quality.

There there are a number of things that you can do to ensure that your septic tank or packaged treatment system is working properly:


Your  septic tank or individual wastewater treatment system should be inspected and de-sludged at least once a year.

If you never have to empty your septic tank/system it may be because it is leaking. This could result in contamination of adjacent drinking water wells and may result in problems for the homeowner or neighbours.  The way the tank should be water-tight.

Only  contractors  with waste collection permits for sludge should be used to remove the sludge – a list is available from your local authority. Don’t get a local farmer to do it.

All rainwater from roofing should be diverted away from the wastewater treatment system into a soakaway.

Water from washing machines and sinks should be treated in the wastewater treatment system or septic tank.

Avoid excessive use of bleach and disinfectants.


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