Building Energy Rating Assessors – will more be needed?

November 14, 2007

In Ireland it is estimated that up to 200,000 people involved in rental or sale transactions  will need Building Energy Rating (BER) certificates each year.
A BER (Building Energy Rating) is the standard calculation of the energy performance of a building, produced by a qualified assessor.  The BER certificate is an energy label, similar to the ones used on  electrical appliances. This building energy label will rate the energy efficiency of each house.

Energy Rating of Residential Buildings

Other sizes:M | L

Energy Rating of Residential BuildingsPrice: £49.50 GBP

Lowest used price: £64.78 GBP

From the 1st January 2007 new dwellings applying for planning permission had to apply to have a provisional Building Energy Rating certificate.
From the 1st of July next year, this will also apply to non-domestic buildings and from 1st January 2009 this will apply to all existing buildings, domestic or non-domestic.A person wishing to sell or let a house will be required to get a BER carried out by a registered BER assessor and to provide prospective buyers or tenants with this information.
Energy Rating Assessor Procedure takes into account different factors, like exposure, floor area, materials, insulation, efficiency of heating control and design to calculate an overall energy value.

BER allows house hunters and tenants to compare the energy performance of two different houses. If a house has C2 energy rating another one has B2, the latter is a more efficient house and this will be  reflected in  the amount of money spent on heating the property.

SEI has currently a programme in place to train assessors in order to meet the increasing demand.  There are currently almost 200 assessors registered in the SEI official registry.
More are being trained – and there are several companies offering BER assessor training courses. Maybe this is a good career move for a builder ?

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