BER – Who Checks the Assessors ?

April 7, 2008

BER – Building Energy Ratings are going to be big business in the coming months. The SEI is registering more assessors every month and getting a good fee from them. Trainers are making money from providing the courses for the BER assessors. The general public will be footing the bill for getting the Energy Rating Certificates for therir homes in 2009 when they want to sell them. One worrying thing is that there is nothing in place to audit or check up on the assesors. Many BER certs have been produced for new properties – but still the SEI has a blank page on it’s website headed “SEI Quality Assurance”. What is to stop a BER assessor from giving houses good ratings when they don’t qualify for them? Who  will check up on them? There is mention of a 5000 max Euro fine for giving wrong ratings out – but no mention of who or how the assessors will be audited or checked. The scheme is open to abuse  – but the SEI is getting 25 euro for each rating and should be expected to have a system in place to ensure accuracy and honesty.

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